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A bike that has been neglected after a full season of riding can lead to serious problems: rust of steel parts (including brake and shifter cables), oxidation of aluminum, cracking of cable housings, and more. These things can ruin a perfectly good bike. For these reasons, and more, we have created a low-cost service price list for those seeking help in caring for their bikes.

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Brake Adjustment $10.00
adjust both brakes

Derailleur Adjustment $10.00
adjust both derailleurs

Cable Adjustment $10.00
adjust all cables

Clean & Lube Drivetrain $15.00
chain, chainrings, rear cogs

Overhaul Bottom Bracket $20.00
remove, clean & repack BB

Overhaul Wheel Hubs $20.00
remove, clean & repack both hubs

Overhaul Headset $15.00
remove, clean & repack headset

Tune up #1 25.00 (avg LBS price $40)
adjust brakes, cables, derailluers, plus clean and lube drivetrain

Tune up #2 $95.00 (avg LBS price $140)
plus complete wipe-down, repack all bearings in BB, headset, and wheel hubs

Completely Clean and Polish Frame and Fork…add $25.00

Hybridization $100
plus parts, usually $25-$50
(includes complete rebuild of bike)

Single Speed Conversion $100
plus parts, usually $25-$50
(includes complete rebuild of bike)

Bike Assembly $45
fresh out of the box

Paint Frame & Fork $75.00
strip and paint

Paint Job Labor $50.00
tear down and reassembly

Replace Cables & Housing $25.00
all cables & housing parts included

Replace Brake Pads $10
plus parts

Replace Tires or Tubes $5.00
plus parts

26″ x 1.5″ Urban Tires $12.50 ea
Make your mountain bike ride smoothly on paved trails…installed

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